The calm before the storm.


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I anticipated a lovely calm before the new baby storm after moving to this pretty, lonely little cottage in the country.

(Photo obviously not taken in the middle of a severe Canadian winter).


I spent the first week persuading myself I had not just been kidnapped and that it was insane to think that just maybe I was being held hostage (by a man I only believed to be my husband) in a shed in the middle of the forest. Please just reign in this crazy imagination of yours.

As an almost-proud-of-it loner, I have never in my entire life been so starved for human contact that the mere sight of a garbage truck on the road (presumably driven by a human) would just make my day.

The next week we had a terrible ice storm which knocked out electricity and heat and made me wish so badly that a kidnapper would in fact steal me away and hold me hostage somewhere with functioning heat (plot spoiler – the kidnapper would eventually also play the part of prince charming).

Meanwhile I have been trying to resume some semblance of normal life, though it’s difficult when one cannot see their toes anymore. (I will spare you a grotesque belly photo.)

Moving to the country has empowered me enough to spend all day, everyday in the same pair of over sized men’s fleece pants. I do try to change into something prettier on garbage pickup day just in case someone spots me through the window.

The weather has been overwhelmingly gloomy and cloudy, obviously seeking to punish and mock me for trying to run away from basement living (but I don’t mind too much).


I’ve discovered my new favorite dessert combination ever but this will probably change next week.


The thought of a new baby does not seem quite so terrible when cute washcloths and things are arranged in a basket. Oh, the comforts a bad memory can provide.


And because you really ought to ask, yes, I did totally knit that hat myself. My wrists were crying for days afterwards. But then this pregnancy has brought with it a different physical ailment everyday. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and marvel that I don’t quite LOOK 75, before I realize how young I really am.

P.S. Is this the longest blog post ever? I am seriously human-deprived.

Oversized Long-Sleeve Shirt Tutorial.


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This is a best friend in clothing form.

Hugs you where you need it, and hides your flaws where you don’t.


It’s important to feel comfortable around a best friend, hence the jersey knit fabric. Stretchy, snuggly, and best of all, no hems to sew.


I just love that this shirt would look good on the too thin, too large, or (too pregnant) body.


..Except when you do that. But front tucks look good on some people, just not ones with an obvious belly pooch.


Possibly my favorite outfit tutorial so far.

Detailed instructions below.

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Liner Notes 10 – October


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I don’t know what it is about October.

It makes everything, at the same time, glaringly beautiful and supremely sad. It’s the month of over-thinking, of overflowing emotion, of depression and elation and contradiction. Of wearing sweaters for a few cold days and then T-shirts the next. Of barbeques and sunsets and crisp, red leaves under your shoes and dreams forgotten and people you keep trying to forget but can’t.

The year is getting old and it realizes this. It’s trying to cling to summer, to pretend it’s younger than it is but the wrinkly, crunchy leaves give it away.  If you look closely, you can see it in that moment between alive and dead. I think we feel it too, we realize something is leaving and so we begin to appreciate the days while mourning their passing away. In October, every day is either a Happy-Sad day or a Sad-Happy day. Emotions, experiences, memories are so concentrated and intense. No idle chatter or carefree days this month – just reflection, quiet, contentment.

Last year

Banksia Top #1


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I’m completely obsessed with this pattern from Megan Neilsen. It just goes with everything, and can be dressed up for work or down or turned into a dress or a tank top and it’s such a comfortable but adult style. The only thing that held me back from purchasing this earlier was the price.. it was over $20, but if I had known how awesome and versatile this pattern is, I would have definitely got a hold of it earlier.

banksia 33

I’ve already made three different ones and I don’t want to over-wear them but I’m finding it difficult to choose anything else from my closet right now. Plus, I have plans for three more banksia tunics in progress (including a polka dot one!). It just hangs so nicely and looks so pretty and smart. Really, my photos don’t do it justice. (I finally took the jump and ordered a camera remote. I put it off for so long and it only ended up being $8..)

banksia 22

I made this pattern in an extra small which fit perfectly. The pattern was super easy to follow and even though it was my first time making a placket, Megan’s instructions were so clear that I wasn’t worried. I did mess up two things.. the collar is not symmetrical because the fabric I used was a chiffon blend and it kept moving around while cutting and I just wasn’t patient enough during that step to weigh it down.

banksia 44

Also, the terrible green facing around the neckline was supposed to be hidden on the inside of the neckline. The instructions were clear.. I just saw that I was supposed to use “bias tape” and bias taped the whole thing, not realizing that bias tape can be used as a facing!

banksia 11

Apologies for the bad photos, I seem to think that I’m a professional photographer and should keep my camera settings on manual regardless of all the terrible photos it produces. I’ll try to bring my ego down enough to move it back to the portrait setting for next time. But the foliage behind me! It’s so clear and in focus!

My fabulous summer.




A – Vomit Bowl – experienced vomiteers will choose one large enough to not need to be emptied until reinforcements arrive.

B – Death-flavored crackers that you will later vomit up.

C – Gingerale – contributes a really lovely yellow color to whatever you may hurl up. Remember: always keep color in your life.

D – A baby monitor to better ignore been-awake-for-2-hours-already baby. Also best form of entertainment in bed because it has buttons you can push!

E – Kleenex box for the many, many tears you will shed. Can also be used to wipe after-vomit drool.

F – Memory book used in the old days when you still felt like a living human/real person.

G – Empty – In case you run out of room in A.

H – Secondary form of entertainment after D. For a bit of extra fun in between vomits, try reading the letters backwards!

Baby #2 Due date: February 28, 2014

Button Up Maxi Skirt Tutorial


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I spotted this big guy at the thrift store a couple weeks ago and completely fell in love with it’s vibrant African colors.


I knew it had to be turned into a flowy maxi skirt because I wanted to preserve as much of the pattern as possible.

But I did not want another elastic waist skirt in my closet. And so, with just one button:


A high-waisted maxi skirt with a button closure:


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Spending mornings going down slides. 52 times a day.

(someone’s too afraid to go down alone and so my bottom is bruised)


This is Burda 9702. I really wanted to be crazy about this pattern, but it’s just okay.


Trying to figure out what to do with this mop of tangled curls.


Green smoothies for lunch. Spinach, celery, zucchini, mango and strawberries.


Advancement on the Georgia sweater. It’s knit up very easily and quickly. This is only two skeins so far!


Current reads:


It’s been on my to-read list for a while, and I’m hoping it’ll kick that I-miss-school nostalgia right back where it belongs.