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Girls scare me.

Not in the same way that ghosts or vampires or serial killers do.

In an eek-she’s-so-smart/pretty/makeup-competent/got-it-all-down way.

I must be a huge scaredy-cat.. because I can find something about ANY girl that scares me (above the age of 2).

Unlike every girl in the world, I don’t know how to laugh when something isn’t funny.

I don’t know how to do that thing where you blink your eyelashes really quickly and not look like a dork.

Applying nail polish without ending up with blobs around my fingernails is a near-impossible feat.

The only exception is that like any typical girl – I unintentionally complicate things

If someone doesn’t smile when they see you = They don’t like you. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Play dead. 

Forever21  doesn’t have a dress in your size = You’re too fat/skinny. Your body shape is weird. Google average female weight, height and shape (and at what age most people stop shopping at Forever21). 

Thankfully, making clothes is so much simpler than most other things in life.

This Draped Neck Tunic  may seem complicated at first glance…

…But like any typical girl, all it needs is a little bit of time, effort and understanding.

Just for fun and a little bit of something different.. make it with a rounded hemline in typical tunic style.

You’ll need about a meter of knit fabric for this dress.

Start out by measuring the space between your shoulders where the straps of the dress will sit. Measure from your shoulder to where you want the tunic to end. Cut out the back and front pieces as shown below.

Put the front and back pieces together and cut rounded edges on the left and right sides of the tunic along the hemline.

Sew the ends at the shoulders together (about two inch straps), leaving the loose fabric in the front to drape at the neck.

Leave ample room for the arms, and sew down the side seams of the tunic making sure to stop just before you hit the top of the rounded edge.

Carefully fold, then pin and sew the bottom hem.

Fold the raw edge of the armholes in and sew.

Do the same for the neck.

Optional: Attach buttons to the draped neck.

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